Welcome to Fellows for Montana

Welcome to the Mike Fellows for Congress Web site. Libertarians agree that you should live your own life without infringing on the rights of others. Government is simply force with a little mob rule thrown in.

Mike Fellows is running because we have no Fiscal Conservative that represents Montana. Congress continues to spend like drunken sailors. The national debt keeps rising with no end in site. Our dollar is weak and we see higher prices as a result. Our rep votes to give handouts to big AG corporations like Archer Daniel's in the farm bill and tax credits to energy companies and big oil. When the price of gas jumps to over $4.00 a gallon, congress finally says let's do something before we lose our jobs on capitol hill. Kick the bums out.

  Check out the Libertarian Party at www.lp.org.

  Please get out and vote. There are choices in folks who want a smaller government and lower taxes rather then the Tax and Spend or the Borrow and Spend candidates. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to your vote and help.

Gun Rights - The Second Amendment is not about hunting. We must protect our right to own and bear arms. Victim Disarmament known as gun control does not work. If elected as your next congressman I will vote for the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights and vote no on bad laws like continuing the Semi-Auto Gun Ban and the Brady Bill. People should make their defensive choices in protecting families and property, not the government. A rating Gun Owners of America

Pork Spending - Montana moved up to number 7th from 11th in the Citizens Against Government Waste annual pork book in Federal spending. Thanks to our Congressman for his submission of a billion dollars worth of projects. Only 103 million dollars worth were passed before our Congressman decleared he wouldn't submit futher projects. we need to eliminate these re-election pork projects. Any one remember 1.2 million dollars for a Billings ballpark in 2008?


Patriot Act - Many people are concerned about civil liberty abuses that may occur with the Patriot Act. Should the government have access to your viewing and reading habits? Should the government use sneak and peek to confiscate computer hardware without due process and without formal charges? Law enforcement needs tools to catch those who infringe on our constitutional rights, but not this act.


Spending - Montanans have to balance their household budgets, so should the Federal Government. The Republicans and Democrats are spending over 1.2 Trillion dollars in this budget year and putting the extra spending on the peoples credit card. Our national debt is more then 14-trillion dollars.Our Congressman says this debt is a concern but voted to increase it several times. I will not vote to raise taxes or increase spending. We must balance the budget.

Jobs - Jobs are created by the private sector. We don't need more short term unemployment programs from Washington D.C. We need to lower or eliminate tax rates and useless regulation, so that we have a living wage and business can once again start hiring again.

Fully Informed Juries - One way to stop government abuses and bad laws is though court action and juries. Juries have the right to judge the law and vote their conscience. During the prohibition era, Juries refused to convict people charged with alcohol offenses


Military Draft - All signs are pointing to an upcoming military draft. We must not force our young people to go to war. The all volunteer military is working good.


States Rights - The Federal Government should stay out of State Issues. Federal blackmail will not work. I will support and sponsor legislation to protect Montana’s right to pass its own laws, like the use of alternative medicine, or determining Montana’s citizens own educational choices.


Property Rights - We must protect the rights of property owners. The use of eminent domain laws should be looked at and debated.


If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please e-mail us Votefellows@aol.com or call us (406) 721-9020. We look forward to your vote.